Monthly Surprise Box (Subscription)

Monthly Surprise Box (Subscription)

The French Gourmet subscription box, new goodies delivered every month.
- Ideal for French Food lovers
- New discoveries every month
- Shipment via FedEx 4.90€ a month only
- No comitment

The monthly surprise box is a fantastic way to discover France.
You'll receive every month a surprise selection of 5 to 7 delicious traditional products.
We curate products we love, and share with their producers their passion for French art de vivre.

In your parcel, a 12 pages magazine written in French and English will let you know all the background information about the products, the region where they come from, their producers. You'll also find recipes and a lot of tips and addresses to visit France.

  • 3 Months (pre-paid)

    Our most popular option
    - You save 4€  with this subscription
    - Perfect for a gift
    - You can be delivered at home or at your office
    Delivered by FedEx for 4.90€ a month

  • Give it a try

    Why don't you try us?
    - Receive the box of the month
    - 5 to 7 products to discover
    - No need to cancel
    - No comitment



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