Charcuterie Hamper - One shot

A classical selection of charcuterie to pretend you’re in a French bistrot.
- Quick delivery / Shipment costs included in Europe
- 6 or 11 products with long shelf life
Ideal to spoil yourself or a friend with high-end products that are hard to find.

Treat yourself with high-end charcuterie & cured meats prepared the traditional way. Pair it with crunchy gherkins. Everything is made in France, with no additives involved. Ideal to share with friends for an aperitif.

CLASSIC SIZE : The essentials
- Dried sausage (100% pork)
- Countryside terrine Maison Papillon
- Roquefort terrine Maison Papillon
- Red pepper cream Oliverie des Baronnies
- Duck Rillette Maison Argaud

FAMILY SIZE : The most beautiful apéritif you'll ever see
All of the above and:
- Basque Country terrine with Espelette Pepper Maison Argaud
- Turkey terrine with candied onions Maison Papillon
- Duck, cep and ginger terrine Terrine Maison Papillon
- Goat cheese terrine with tomato and rosemary Maison Papillon
- Green olives tapenade Oliverie des Baronnies
- Black olive with Ginger Oliverie des Baronnies

Caution : wine on the picture is there for an illustration purpose and won’t be part of the delivery.
  • Charcuterie Classic Size

    Receive at home your French bistrot classics
    - Quick delivery
    - Shipment costs included in Europe
    - 6 products with long shelf life
    - Ideal for a gift

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  • Charcuterie Family Size

    The most cost savvy size!
    - 11 artisan products with long shelf life
    - Shipment included within Europe
    - Ideal for a party
    - Definetely the Frenchies' favourite 



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