Cooking Hamper (one-shot)

Cooking Hamper (one-shot)

Some cupboard essentials to give a French twist to your daily cooking.
- Quick delivery / Shipment costs included in Europe
- 6 or 12 products with long shelf life
With this hamper will reveal you our Grandmother's cupboard secrets. Ideal if you like to cook.

Traditional products you will enjoy all year long and will add a French accent to your daily cooking routine. This should satisfy all French Food lovers and amateur cooks.

- Cassoulet with confit of duck Comme en France
- Espelette pepper power Maison d'Inon'A
- Pasta from Provence Pâtes Fabre
- French green olive tapenade Oliverie des Baronnies
- Countryside terrine Maison Papillon
- Fruity delight for cheese Quince Rosemary Thyme Favols

FAMILY SIZE HAMPER: the French kitchen
All of the above and:
- Artisan salted butter caramel shortbreads
- Pestouro from Provence Oliverie des Baronnies
- Artichoke cream with black truffle Oliverie des Baronnies
- Sweet pepper cream Oliverie des Baronnies
- Roquefort terrine Maison Papillon
- Fresh Mint syrup Eloide

The picture is an illustration, you won't receive the accesories in your delivery.
  • Cooking Family Size

    Cupboard essentials at a cost savvy price
    -  Quick delivery
    - Shipment included within Europe
    - 12 artisan products with long shelf life
    - Ideal for amateur cooks

  • Cooking Classic Size

    How to spoil a French Food lover?
    - Quick delivery
    - Shipment costs included within Europe
    - 6 artisan products with long shelf life
    - Ideal for a gift



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