Gourmande Armande, gluten-free

Gourmande Armande, gluten-free

Gluten-free can be tasty !
- Fast delivery, perfect for a gift
- Naturally Gluten-free
- Packaged in a gift box
- Customizable Card

Gluten is tricky. It's presence is obvious in bread or pasta, but it is not always easy to pinpoint where the gluten in our diet as it is often used as a hidden binder or thickener. Our craftsmen and manufacturers prepare their products without dubious additives, therefore, their products are naturally gluten-free.

- Farmer chicken rillettes / Superproducteur (XL size).
- Red pepper cream / Superproducteur (the bloggers favourite)
- Orange Demoiselles, gluten free shortbread / Maison Toussaint
- Dark chocolate and hazelnut bar / Le Chocolat des Français
- Chocolate "fondant" baking mix / Marlette. Certified by AFDIAG. (and adored by my mom)

NB: only the Marlette baking-mix is certified by the AFDIAG.
In other products, gluten is excluded from the preparation but have not been made in isolated laboratories. Gluten-containing products could be manufactured in the same workshops.
  • Gourmande Armande, gluten-free

    Gourmande means "greedy" !
    - 5 artisan products
    - Products are naturally made without gluten
    - Good to the eyes, good to the mouth
    - Ideal for a gift



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