Cool Raoul, veggie hamper

Cool Raoul, veggie hamper

A discovery trip around French regions, without meat.
- Quick delivery / Shipment costs included in Europe
- 6 or 10 products with long shelf life
The best products from the French terroir. Tasty products to cook or to enjoy simply with good bread.

Artisan products, made out of French grown ingredients. No additives. This is a refreshing selection, that can be used for cooking or can be enjoyed simply. Ideal for a gift for a friend or…for yourself.

- Red Pepper fine cream / Superproducteur (Our subscriber's favourite)
- Olive spread / Oliverie des Baronnies
- Cheese shortbreads / Bee Prairie
- Espelette pepper flavoured vinegar / Chef Attitude
- Pumpkin, pear and pepper soup / Marcel Bio
- Dark chocolate with hazelnut bar / Le Chocolat des Français

All of the above and :
- Squirrel biscuits with sesame / La Pierre qui Tourne (the team's choice)
- Rice pudding with salted caramel baking mix / Légendes Gourmands
- Pinacotonka jam / La Cours d'Orgères
- Sweet potatoe purée with candied lemon / Ducs de Gascogne

Some products such as the shortbreads contain egg and dairy products therefore they’re not suitable for a vegan diet.
The picture is an illustration and may not reflect the reality of the presentation.
  • Veggie Classic Size

    Spoil yourself with a French treat, without meat
    - Quick delivery
    - Shipment costs includedin Europe 
    - 6 artisan products with long shelf life
    - Ideal for a Gift!

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  • Veggie Family Size

    The most cost savvy format!
    - Quick delivery
    - Shipment costs included within Europe
    - 10 artisan products with long shelf life
     And lots of inspiration for your vegetarian cuisine



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